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Good Morning!

Another beautiful Florida morning! This has usually been my view looking over the steering wheel and heading down the highway to another school. Actually, some mornings it’s darker than others and some mornings there’s a tsunami that follows me, but it’s always an adventure.

Besides the coffee, two hours of meditation and smooth jazz, what I really enjoy is meeting new students. Some are ready to learn, some need to be awakened, but each student has potential – in some, it is evident and in some, the potential is waiting to be discovered. Our facilitators have been able to reach the innermost being of many of the students, draw out their potential and give help them find a sense of purpose – a place in their communities, a place in this world.

Join me in the adventures of service learning and we’ll explore the “how-to’s”, the “how-not-to’s”, the successes and the challenges of a wonderful way to connect our youth with the world around them. I look forward to your participation!


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