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What Do Your T-Shirts Say About You?


Am I the only one who has an extensive collection of t-shirts from various events?  So I was in the process of doing a little decluttering, trying to fill up a box to be donated and I kept running across old t-shirts that I have been saving for years. Former clubs, sports teams, family reunions, charity fundraisers, employers, vacation souvenirs, etc. – each shirt with its own set of memories. Some had even been signed with names that are no longer familiar.

T-shirts are a good way to make a service learning project memorable. Recently, I saw some pictures on Instagram from a former student of mine. She and her friends were deeply involved in a paintball war – lots of fun!  Then I recognized the t-shirt she was wearing as one I had designed for our youth group over 10 years ago. I was surprised she still had it after finishing college, so I commented on her page, “hey, I remember that shirt!”  Later she replied that she felt bad that she got it all messy from paintball, but I was honored that she still had it.

I’ll bet that you can tell a lot about a person from their t-shirt collection!