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Everybody Can Be Great – MLK

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr once said that “Everybody can be great because anybody can serve.” When I lived in Mississippi, the Martin Luther King holiday was a big community service day. It was often referred to as “Not a day off, but a day ON”, which meant that instead of sitting around the house playing video games, we would be out in the community doing something positive.

I also remember it as being one of the coldest days of the year, but that didn’t deter us from cleaning up a park or painting the house of an elderly resident. Of course, service projects don’t HAVE to be outdoors. Visiting a nursing home or serving food at a homeless shelter are great indoor projects. One of my favorite indoor service projects was the Prom for Senior Citizens. The seniors LOVED it!! And the teens did such an awesome job facilitating and performing.

In honor of the Martin Luther King holiday weekend, I am offering Everyone a copy of my ebook about Service learning for FREE this weekend only!! “Let’s Do This!” Let’s be great!



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